I’ve been nominated: The Versatile Blog & Very Inspiring Blogger Awards

versatilebloggeraward - 13 Jan 15     very-inspiring-blogger-award - 13 Jan 15

I was nominated for two awards today: The Versatile Blog Award by Courtaney’s Beauty Box and My Fashion Poetry; and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Color Me Luscious. Thank you so much for these nominations! These ladies have some great tips on their blogs for you beauties.

Show the award on your blog
Thank the person who nominated you
Share seven facts about yourself
Nominate 15 blogs
Link your nominees and let them know.

 s e v e n  f a c t s 

1. I like ice coffee but that’s about where my coffee addiction ends.

2. I’m a glass half full kinda girl.

3. I love animals and am counting down the days till I get a puppy/tortoise/African Grey Parrot/rabbit/guinea pig… the list goes on. I’d be happy with at least one of these  pets– promise 😀

4. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa and travelled to England recently on holiday.

5. I don’t like dark chocolate.

6. I have one tattoo and want one or two more.

7. I’m considering taking up salsa dancing classes in the near future.

n o m i n a t i o n s 

In no particular order, I nominate – drumroll please

1. http://thebrunettecloset.wordpress.com

2. https://itsgeorgiaanne.wordpress.com

3. https://beautyfreak224.wordpress.com

4. http://peachesog.com/

5. https://officialwhatfashion.wordpress.com

6. https://beauboutiqueuk.wordpress.com

7. https://lifelovelindsey.wordpress.com

8. https://bluepurpletattoo.wordpress.com

9. http://styleinprogress.org

10. http://suzie81speaks.com

11. https://officiallookbookstore.wordpress

12. http://maisonbentleystyle.com

13. https://frankieandfia.wordpress.com

14. http://gritandglittergal.com

15. https://oneprettyweek.wordpress.com

Thanks again for the nominations ladies xxx

Your friend in fashion



3 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated: The Versatile Blog & Very Inspiring Blogger Awards

  1. Hey!
    I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Yes, I love your blog.
    Come on at stainedvanity.wordpress.com to see the rules and further details.
    Love xo

    Liked by 1 person

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