What a week it has been – a productive week, yes… but it’s been tough getting around without a car! My ladybug has gone in for repairs and I’m not sure when I’ll be getting her back. Until then I’m pretty much reliant on the Best Boyfriend Ever (BBE) and good friends to cart me around. I am so grateful to them but I long to have my wheels back… it really does add to that feeling of independence. 

On the upside, when the aforementioned BBE drops me at a friend’s house in the morning (who then takes me to work), I have some time to snap a few pics and a great photographer to help me out! I also have time to put these pics in a collage on the way to work ;). I kept it simple this morning with a blue peplum high-waisted skirt, a black top with a cascading neckline, a black heel and one of my favourite black bags. I deciding to wear my hair up today because it is going to be a scorcher in Cape Town! So here it is, my outfit of the day.









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