What’s hot in 2015

Along with the promise of a fresh start, the New Year has brought with it quite a few fashion trends…some which I absolutely love and others which I must admit make me a tad nervous. Here are a few trends that have caught my eye:


No, they don’t just belong in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Western movie reference 😉 )! This season fringes can be found on anything from bikini tops to sandals and dresses, but my personal favourite is on crop tops and sling bags. This trend certainly adds spice to an outfit and it’s a great way to show some skin without baring it all. I’m not too sure if I like the fringe on jackets though, this takes me back to the Wild Wild West and I just don’t think I’d be good at a stand-off 😉 …but I must say that the more I look at the jacket below, the more it grows on me.

Fringe Jacket - 29 Jan 15 Fringe crop top - 29 Jan 15 Fringe bikini top - 29 Jan 15  Fringe 1 - 29 Jan 15Fringe bag - 29 Jan 15


Statement stripes

This trend can look amazing if you pull it off just right. Be weary of the positioning of the stripes – especially around the waist area. When statement stripes are paired with a bold, bright colour it can look fab!

Stripes 2 - 29 Jan 15 Stripes 1 - 29 Jan 15


It seems that what once was a fashion no-no is now no longer taboo. Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Kerr and Miss Riri herself are among those who have joined the denim revival. I think I might just join them 😉

Jlo denim on denim Rihanna-denim-outfit


The drop-waist dress

Not only is this style adorable, it is flattering too! For you shortys out there (I can relate!), I think I’ve found the secret to looking tall! Shshshsh, let’s keep it between us shall we.



Statement sneakers

Comfy and funky – what’s not to love? Grab a pair of statement sneakers and head out looking street chic! I absolutely love statement sneakers with a pair of shorts, skirt or a dress. This style is so versatile and will have you looking uber cool with the added benefit of comfort!

Statement sneakers 2 -29 Jan 15

What trends are your favourites?


Your friend in fashion






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