Guest blogger: 4 Fashion tips for VDay

Oxford Meets Fifth has put together a few tips for you gorgeous fashionistas who are planning your outfits for Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to feature as a guest blogger like them, connect with me on social media or drop me an email on

Oxford Meets Fifth profile: Launching in late 2014, Oxford Meets Fifth strives to provide the most informed and up to date fashion tips for women. Reviewing a wide range of products including clothes, shoes, accessories and more; Oxford Meets Fifth create recommendations and tutorials on style and fashion. Whether you are looking for makeup advice or ways to enhance your boutique fashion style, you must have a read at



As Valentines Day approaches I decided it would be topical to write on the best advice for ladies who would like to leave a lasting impression upon their special Valentine. What better way to make a statement than to dress to impress! This article will include a guideline of four crucial items for the perfect style this February 14th.

Firstly the cocktail dress; the largest and most fundamental item of the appearance. These cocktail dresses provide both a simple yet sophisticated display of confidence amongst women. Such clothing does not aim to overdo the situation, but shows the woman’s comfortability and self-belief by maintaining a contemporary and minimalistic foundation.

Cocktail dress 1 - 2 Feb 15 Cocktail dress 2 - 2 Feb 15



Next up is the bag or clutch. Personally I recommend a metallic bag like the one shown below. Metallic bags are growing increasingly popular amongst women as a way to draw attention from passer-bys. Storing your essentials such as your mobile phone, makeup and other items contains a touch of class when carrying a bag such as this.

Metallic bag - 2 Feb 15



Thirdly, draw attention to your facial features with a dazzling pair of earrings. Whilst your dress refrained from being embellished, you want your ear accessories to highlight your facial features and cause your date to struggle to tear their eyes away. This subconscious redirection of your man’s attention will ensure he pictures your face for days to come.

Finally, complete the style with some stunning female footwear. Heels will allow you to gain a bit of height, a bit of style and a bit of class; all with the simple addition of the right shoes. It is important to be considerate when incorporating this particular element of the style, as adding too much height could cause your date to feel uncomfortable or insecure depending on his character; so use your best judgment when choosing your heels!

The correct execution of the guideline written above will ensure there are no gaps in your fashionable statement for Valentine’s Day. The final ingredient for your date night success is confidence – you will be the most stunning woman in the restaurant, cinema or outdoor area, so make sure you believe it yourself! I look forward to hearing from you ladies in two weeks time after the big night and hearing your stories and feedback!

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