A midsummer marsala dream

The internet is abuzz with chatter about the official colour of 2015 – Marsala, a rich, earthy, wine-inspired shade. Some have criticised Pantone, the global colour authority, for their choice this year because it deviates from the bold colours that they previously opted for such as Radiant Orchid, Emerald and Tangerine Orchid.

My opinion? I simply love it! It’s a warm, deep, expressive colour… and it’s reminiscent of wine – what’s not to love? 😉

Make a statement and wear this colour on its own, or as a strong accent to many other colours. Here are a few of my picks in this gorgeous hue:


Marsala: My picks

Vero Moda short sleeve top
155 ZAR – veromoda.com

Vero Moda tall pants
445 ZAR – veromoda.com

Stainless steel jewelry
370 ZAR – etsy.com

Long necklace
195 ZAR – etsy.com

Swarovski crystal jewelry
395 ZAR – etsy.com

Crochet infinity scarf
465 ZAR – etsy.com

Sephora Collection glitter eyeshadow
230 ZAR – sephora.com



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