Meet the founder of Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Fashion Film Festival

Tamara Metrowich, Mercedes-Benz Bokeh SA International Fashion Film Festival


In just under two weeks one of Cape Town’s most anticipated events kicks off. In its second year, the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival is fast gaining traction, with the guest list including the biggest names in local fashion and film.

As you can imagine, founder, Adrian Lazarus is extremely busy putting the final touches on what promises to be a dynamic and engaging showcase. He was however kind enough to take some time out of his schedule to answer a few questions about this year’s festival.


Adrian Lazarus

Adrian Lazarus


What are the five words that best describe the festival?


What sparked your passion for using film to communicate fashion trends to an international audience?

I love the way film shows how clothing flows, how it breathes and moves with the model. The fashion films we are able to shoot these days can be quite conceptual and have the power to express the emotion behind the designs. My passion comes from being able to communicate ideas and creations in this fluid medium.

In its second year, how do you expect this festival to compare to the last?

This year we have decided to raise it yet again – all the way from our panel of guest speakers, the level of Officially Selected films from the 500 submissions received, the Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC) Pop Up store area with top fashion designers, the Red Carpet experience as well as the top class local and international entertainment.

Last year we set the bar really high by incorporating film, fashion and design into a festival celebrating the Fashion Film genre, that was largely unknown in South Africa.

What is your ultimate vision for the festival?

My partners Mercedes-Benz and I see a festival in the next year or so spanning 4 days of lifestyle and relevant fashion, film and design. The digital space we celebrate has so much scope and we aim to explore this and enhance the festival year on year.

How do you see the role of the festival contributing to transforming the arts industry in Cape Town?

My aim is to spark people’s imagination and get their creative juices flowing by exposing them to the awesome local and international short films and the fashion we are celebrating. Thereafter the artists (designers/film makers/producers), in their own way, will continue the transformation process by stimulating projects in their communities and different fields of interest. I love watching people at the festival when their eyes light up and they say things like – “oh wow! I never thought of that. That gives me an idea!” #proudfeeling

How can local fashion designers get involved and what benefits can they reap from their participation?

The Cape Town Fashion Council fosters an environment where they can really blossom. Fashion films are very accessible to the designers – more so than a commercial that needs to be flighted on TV (very expensive).

The designers and film makers then create the artwork together – they can come out with a product that is available immediately to be shared online or in store.

Local designers should start by signing up with the Council to be exposed to projects like ours. We leave the sourcing of participating designers up to the CTFC as they find the best fit for us – they decide who will be selling and who will be showing.

Personally, what are you most excited about this year?

I am so excited to be hosting such a world class event for the second year with such great partners and my own team in Cape Town – I am very fortunate to be doing what I love – everyday!


If you'd like to stand the chance to join me on the red carpet on either Friday, 27 March or 
Saturday, 28 March and enjoy the festival VIP style, click here.

For more information on the festival, visit





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