My first ever Crystal Healing session

I can’t really put into words how I felt after my 90 minute crystal healing session with the incredible Markus van der Westhuizen. After what had been a busy and overwhelming week, it was such an amazing feeling to walk away from my appointment feeling calm, happy and having a sense of knowing that everything was as it should be.

I met Markus at the Bella Donna Experience and was intrigued by the treatments that he offers which include Reiki, Aura Healing & Chakra Balance and Shiatsu. I’m all for activities that promote honouring your spiritual self and just knew that I’d be booking my session soon!

Tamara Metrowich, Crystal Healing Tamara Metrowich, Crystal Healing

After chatting for a bit he suggested that I try Crystal Healing. There’s a more comprehensive explanation of this holistic treatment here but in a nutshell, it aims to use the properties of the crystals to restore “wholeness, balance and health” to your mind, spirit and physical body.

“Crystals and gemstones have a very stable and distinctive energy signature, depending on the chemical composition and atomic 
structure. During a treatment gemstones and crystals are placed on and around the client. Crystals and Gemstones are also used 
in the client’s auric field to clear and energise.” –


Here is a snapshot of my Crystal Healing session:

It was a Thursday, and man had I been having a busy week! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and was so glad that I had my Crystal Healing session later that day. If anything, 90 minutes of relaxing was just what I needed! I rushed to Sea Point where Markus is based, only to realise that it was the evening of the Michael Bublé concert which of course meant that the roads were gridlocked and that I’d be late. Now I won’t pretend that I stayed calm…again, this crystal healing was much needed!

When I eventually arrived, Markus met me with a big smile and made me feel so welcome. Speaking to him before the session about what I wanted to concentrate on during the Crystal Healing, I couldn’t help but begin to feel calm. His friendly demeanour got me to do what I couldn’t all week – relax. By the end of our conversation I had identified clarity as a theme that had become increasingly important for me over the last few weeks and this is what we would concentrate on. He explained that the session would begin with him selecting crystals and gemstones aligned with the theme of clarity, thereafter his intuition would take over and we would discuss the meaning behind each stone after the session.

I opted to close my eyes and be silent for the duration of the treatment, while concentrating on my breathing. I experienced such a deep and wonderful meditation and was vaguely aware of Markus placing the crystals on and around me.

Tamara Metrowich, Crystal Healing Tamara Metrowich, Crystal HealingTamara Metrowich, Crystal Healing

After what felt like half an hour, the session was over. Markus took me through the crystals and gemstones that came up for me and what they represented.

I felt calm, at peace, grounded and happy. I wasn’t thinking about my to-do list for tomorrow, the errands I needed to run, or even the drive home. All those thoughts and feelings were replaced with a sense of knowing that no matter what decisions I was faced with later, tomorrow or next week for that matter, everything was going to work out just fine.

I am so glad that I opted for the Crystal Healing session. With the craziness of life this was exactly what I needed to make sure that I am on the right course and staying true to myself.

For more information on the main man, Markus and for all the details on his offerings click here.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any holistic treatments. What was your experience? Leave a comment in the box bellow 🙂


Tamara Metrowich


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