Get to know: Rushda Behardien, RuBe’s Closet

The Get to Know feature is all about introducing you to role players in the fashion and beauty industries,
sharing their recipes for success and finding out what makes them tick. Hopefully you’ll not only get to know
these go-getters a bit more, but also be inspired and motivated to keep chasing your dreams, no matter
what industry you find yourself in.

When scrolling through my Instagram feed and Rushda’s name pops up, I’m always interested to see what she has posted, especially if it’s an #ootd. I absolutely love her style which I would describe as versatile, fearless and on trend. Let’s find out more about this talented local stunner in the second edition of the Get to Know feature.


Rushda Behardien, RuBe's Closet

“Blogging has certainly re-opened my eyes to the therapy of writing down your thoughts and how creativity is good for the soul. I have also met some wonderful people who are the most beautiful people.”

 1. Take us through a day in the life of Rushda Behardien.

A typical day starts with me waking the family and preparing breakfast for my boys. Hubby takes his coffee to go and I pack his lunch, the boys treats and juice for school (hubby does the sandwiches) and see them on their way.

I usually do a load of laundry and have breakfast while catching up on the news and business indicators for the day (old habits die hard, I guess). If I don’t have to run errands or have meetings, I will do some yoga, gym or personal training if I have the time, and shower.

Then check emails, do some admin, blog related admin while cooking and getting lunch ready for the boys, and starting on supper.


Rushda Behardien, RuBe's Closet

Lunchtime, I usually have a quick salad, or something light and catch up on some blog reading, some more admin before needing to do my first pick up of kids.

From the time I collect my teens, I usually drive to and fro for another 2-3 hours fetching and carrying; from sport, extra lessons, music classes or club sports. This usually ends by 6/6:30pm and I get home to finish supper before the family descends around 7pm.

Then it’s family supper, and prayers as a family before everyone sets off to do homework and unwind. I assist with homework, notices, reply slips and projects and my day as a mum ends about 9:30pm when I have some quiet time and no more errands.


2. You juggle quite a few moving parts during the day. How do you unwind?

I like to read, watch TV, talk to my hubby or scroll through fashion pages. My phone goes off around 10pm (sometimes earlier) – no Whatsapp, no social media and no more emails….


Rushda Behardien, RuBe's Closet


3. When did you start blogging and how did it come about?

I started late in 2012, and felt I needed to document my thoughts and create a space where I could share my love for fashion. I was on a 6 month break from the corporate world, and found I enjoyed blogging wholeheartedly.


4. You’ve enjoyed some great success with your blog. What do you attribute this to?

I don’t know if I would say that it’s been a great success by anyone else’s standards, but my idea of success is just having people read, enjoy, interact and return for more. I would attribute it to my posts being about everyday things, revealing a bit of myself with each post…. with an aspect of fashion thrown in for good measure.


5. How has blogging impacted your life?

Blogging has certainly re-opened my eyes to the therapy of writing down your thoughts and how creativity is good for the soul. I have also met some wonderful people who are the most beautiful people.


6. What are your five tips for newbie bloggers?

– Be yourself

– Write about something you’re passionate about

– Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers, it will only cause you distress

– Have a goal, an idea why you’ve started blogging

– Strategise and plan a way to reach those goals


7. How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is multi-faceted in that I choose outfits based on how I feel. A lot of my looks include good quality classic pieces that can be carried through many seasons. It could therefore be classified as a classic style with a unique twist.


Rushda Behardien, RuBe's Closet


8. What is your favourite quote or saying?

I have many, especially Audrey Hepburn ones (she is one of my style icons, after all).

But this quote, says a lot about where I am in my life right now:

 “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi


9. Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by hard working entrepreneurial people, and to those eternal scholars. I find that constantly seeking knowledge and always working on improving one is admirable. Also, those individuals who pick themselves up after a tragic incident and work hard at overcoming obstacles.
10. If you had the opportunity to style any two people, who would they be and why?

I would love to style Helena Bonham Carter, she is always so quirky and looks so dishevelled, but I believe that she dresses to express an inner sentiment. If I could just get inside her head, I believe I’d be able to make some sense of those constant wardrobe mishaps and turn it into a story we can understand.

Whilst, Audrey Hepburn would not need any style advice from me, I would love to be able to work with her, just to learn. I feel that when you’re styling somebody, you get to learn from them as well as you giving them some fashion insights.


Head on over to RuBe’s Closet and check out some of her lookposts.

Your friend in fashion


Tamara Metrowich


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