Get to know: Tara Courtene’ Stewart, Fashion Designer

The Get to Know feature is all about introducing you to role players in the fashion and beauty industries,
sharing their recipes for success and finding out what makes them tick. Hopefully you’ll not only get to know
these go-getters a bit more, but also be inspired and motivated to keep chasing your dreams, no matter
what industry you find yourself in.


Miss Tara Courtene’ Stewart is a creative of note! She’s one of the designers I turn to when I need a gorgeous gown and she impresses every time! Not only is she a fashion designer but she’s a blogger and graphic designer too. It’s an absolute treat to watch someone with such determination, talent and heart reach for their dreams. I hope you enjoy learning more about this local beauty in this month’s Get to Know feature.


Tara Courtene

“My advice would be to keep on keeping on. Don’t take no for an answer and each designer is unique so don’t allow anyone to sway your style. Be true to yourself. If you’re not determined rather pursue something else, fashion designing is not for the faint hearted.”


1.Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was named after a movie star. Back in the 80s my parents didn’t have a clue what to name me but after seeing a film with some action hero… they found the name Tara. Honestly I think my personality is more of a Taylor (that’s just my craziness talking). I’m an outdoors fan, I love anything that takes place outdoors especially in summer. I’m over creative and sometimes I find that I can’t sleep at all. When I come up with ideas I feel the need to get up and either start planning, drawing, working or putting my ideas into play.
 2. Who or what inspires you?

My inspiration comes from many different people and things. Something or someone that appeals to me in the moment or at a specific time can inspire me. Looking at fabric and colours are a major inspiration, as I love to just browse in fabric stores, that’s when a lot of ideas come to me – when I see and feel the different types of fabrics. I tend to work backwards a lot of the time. Fabric first, design after!
3. What is your favourite quote or saying?

I have many favourite quotes, but I like this one the most “be the woman that young girls aspire to be” – unknown.  It just reminds me of myself growing up and always seeing older, beautiful girls that could drive themselves around and be independent. I always looked up to that and wanted to be like them. I am now one of the “older girls” who  young girls look up to, so I want to be a good role model.


4. Take us through a day in your life.

A day in my life is never the same as the day before or the day after. I wake up, sometimes forget to eat (which is very bad I know). I am constantly driving around sourcing fabric, getting inspired along the way. I sew and create every design and garment myself so I’m pretty busy. Sewing takes a major chunk out of my day. My working day usually ends at about 8. Then I unwind with one or two series episodes or writing a blog post on my blog, Tara Courtené ‘s Diary.


Tara Courtene
 5. What advice do you have for those wanting to make it big as a fashion designer?

My advice would be to keep on keeping on. Don’t take no for an answer and each designer is unique so don’t allow anyone to sway your style. Be true to yourself. If you’re not determined rather pursue something else, fashion designing is not for the faint hearted.


6. You’ve also recently started blogging. How and why did you decide to start a blog?

My blog isn’t a normal fashion blog, it’s a documentation of my life as a designer, what I do and wear and where I go. People kept on saying I should start one but at the busy rate my life was going I payed no attention, until recently. So I started my blog in January 2015.
 7. Who are your top three SA Bloggers?

My fav bloggers at the moment:

Baked the Blog by Aisha Baker

FashionistaCT by Lauren Campbell

Paperdolls Diary by Qaanita Orrie
8. Most people don’t realise just how much goes into blogging. What are your top 3 tips for those who are thinking of taking the plunge? 

My top 3 tips for blogging is to come up with an original spin on blogging or to blog in your own style. Use visuals as people love looking at pictures and seeing fashion rather than reading about it. Make sure you’re constant – so blog on a regular to make sure you don’t lose followers.


Tara Courtene


9. You also dabble in graphic designing, how do you see this fitting into your passion for the fashion industry?

I do a bit of graphic designing on the side as well. After learning about Photoshop and Illustrator at varsity I couldn’t stop myself from working in those programmes on a regular and those who knew I could, started asking me for logos and business cards etc and that’s how it started.
10. With all the exciting things that you are busy with, how do you relax and refocus?

Food, Sleep, Series – REPEAT!


To find out more about Miss Tara Courtene’ Stewart, check out her blog.


Tamara Metrowich


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