Achieve a gorgeous Caribbean glow

The past few weeks have been both exciting and extremely busy. So much so that with less than two days to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town, I still haven’t decided what to wear to the opening show! Now, while this is causing me some (okay…maybe A LOT OF) anxiety, at least achieving that beautiful glow on the red carpet is one less thing to worry about thanks to the wonderful people at Caribbean Tan.

100 % of original

What I like about this range of self tan products is that it’s easy to apply for beginners – the first time I used this range it took me less than 20 minutes to look like I had been island hopping. There are also a number of options to choose from. If you’re looking for an instant glow, the Tan In A Can Instant or the Spritzer are good choices, or If you prefer a more gradual tan you can opt for either the Tan In A Can Gradual or the Bronzing Mousse.

Whether you’re like me and getting ready for a night out or preparing for the warmer months (oh Summer, wherefore art thou), here are a few self tan tips from Caribbean Tan that have been helpful to me.

Tip 1: Prepare

Exfoliate at least a day before tanning – pay extra attention to your knees, elbows and ankles

*Try the Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. Retails price: R54.95

100 % of original

Tip 2: Apply

Depending on the tanning product you are using, a mitt may help with even distribution and blending

Apply the product to your arms last to avoid tan lines in the skin folds as you move around

Wash your hands thoroughly after application

*My preferred product is the Tan In A Can Gradual – an easy to apply mist which intensifies over 8 hours. Retail price: R94.95


Tip 3: Maintain

Moisturise – a self tan can last up to two weeks if maintained correctly

*A must try: Milk & Honey Skin Hydrating Body Butter. Retail price: R54.95

100 % of original

You can also use a shimmer cream to moisturise as well as enhance the tan

*I’ll be trying the Tinted Skin Glow Shimmer this time around. Retail price: R54.95

I hope these tips have been helpful! Now to get back to the predicament at hand – an outfit for the opening show of Fashion Week. Wish me luck!

For more information on the Caribbean Tan self tan range, visit


Tamara Metrowich



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