Guest blogger: 4 Cute Ways to Display Your Jewelry

By Ty Schmidt

There’s nothing like that favorite piece (or three) of jewelry that you can always count on to complement whatever you’re wearing, the signature pieces that make regular appearances regardless of your outfit. And, if you’re like me, that means there are a bunch of beautiful pieces that are regularly cast aside for the perfect occasion or getup, meanwhile hidden in storage. But there’s no reason your favourite pieces should be kept hidden when you’re not wearing them, no matter how beautiful or unique the jewelry box. Here are a few of our favourite ways to artfully display them in closets and bedrooms:


The multifunctional wardrobe. A wardrobe is useful whether you have a closet and would like extra storage, or you are creating a closet in a small space. Keep an open mind when shopping, as there are a variety of options you may not have considered, such as a neat antique entertainment center or cabinet. Regardless of your canvas, be sure to add hooks and other hanging options for easy storage of your favorite jewelry pieces.


*Image source: Modernize


Closet heaven. Whether it’s a spare room in your home or apartment, or an extra closet in the room down the hall, organizing your dream closet is within your grasp. In addition to finding the most fabulous way to display your prized shoe collection, it can be the perfect space to display large jewelry collections that might not fit in ordinary jewelry boxes, like heavier accessories and chunkier pieces. Even if it’s displayed on something as subtle as another piece of art or is as attention-grabbing as decoration on a main wall, it’s sure to look just as festive there as it does on you.


*Image source: Modernize


Get Busty. A dress form or mannequin can be found online or at a flea market, and could be the perfect space-saving jewelry display for your bedroom or closet. In addition to providing a space to showcase your necklace options, a canvas or wire mannequin offers space to hang your favorite earrings and other pieces.


*Image source: Modernize

Get crafty. Flea markets and resale shops provide an endless source of inspiration for the kind of DIY projects we love at Modernize. I found an antique frame that was the perfect fit with the other décor in my bedroom, and from there the choice was mine what to do with the display. After distressing the wood a bit, it was as simple as removing the frame backing and replacing with chicken wire and adding a few hooks from a local home and garden store before I was left with the perfect home for my favorite new jewelry display.



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