Let the wedding planning begin!

No matter how easy people make it look, let me be the first to warn you that planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There’s just so much to think about – the engagement party, colour schemes, themes, entertainment, flower arrangements, the cake…the list goes on. Thankfully, when we started planning our special day, a few of our friends were well into planning theirs and were more than happy to offer us some guidance.

I still have much to learn but I’ve picked up on some nuggets that have helped me and wanted to share them with you.

  • Pinterest is your best friend!

This is by far the best platform for inspiration. I started out creating a board for the styles of wedding dresses that I wanted to try on, the décor that I liked and the look that I want to go for in terms of hair and makeup. I even have a board for the shots that I want the photographer to keep in mind :D. Being able to visually group my ideas is a great way to keep focused on the things that I like. It also makes it that much easier to chat through ideas and get my fiancé’s thoughts on the big day.

Tip: you may want to keep these boards private so that your guests are surprised on the day 🙂

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Photo credit: Brooke Beasley Photography


  • Put your project planning skills to good use

Being a planner, it helped to put together a timeline so that I know what I need to have wrapped up by when. Approaching the planning like this helps me focus on the things that need to be pulled together over the coming weeks, instead of scattering my attention and concentrating on things that only need to be taken care of months down the line.

  • Get your inner circle right

Your Maid of Honour and your Bridesmaids are going to be your first port of call for the months that you spend planning your wedding, so choose them wisely. They’ll be your emotional support, your cheerleaders and snap you back to reality when you need it. You’ll share loads of laughs and even a few tears together during this process. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, they’ll be there to make your load lighter and will know just when to book a table at your favourite restaurant when you need some girl time 🙂

  • Know your boundaries

Pulling together a wedding can be such a beautiful and fun process but the foundation of this is communication. Make sure you know what your partner’s expectations are and vice versa. Have the important conversations up front, especially about things like budget, family involvement and religious practices that you’d like to be observed.

Most importantly, don’t get so caught up in the planning that you miss out on the joy that the process can bring. Use this as an opportunity to get to know your partner on a deeper level, to grow closer with your family and soon-to-be inlaws and to nurture your close friendships.

You got this 😉

If you have any questions about the planning process or tips, please do share them in the comment box below.


Tamara Metrowich


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