3 things to consider before planning a hen party

There’s something about planning a wedding that gets the creative juices flowing. Decor, flowers, dresses, cakes, centerpieces – man, it’s so much fun! After you’ve done some research, you should have a vision for the big day and helping you make it come to life is the job of your bridal party (If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my previous post about tips to make the planning process easier).


It’s so important to have a good team who can help you realise your vision and while I’m sure there are a lot of bride-to-bes who would say the same – I have the greatest Maid of Honour (Zinz) and Bridesmaid (Cel) ever!

Bridesmaids 1

Cel, me and Zinz – What you think we look like.

Zinz and Cel wanted to have a look at the venue this past weekend which I was super excited about….secretly because it gave me the opportunity to share my vision with them BUT more importantly because I could drop hints about the bachelorette party that they’ll be planning. Okay…maybe not so much hints, but suggestions – just to make sure that they don’t wake up in a hotel room with no memory of the previous night, me missing in action, a tiger in the bathroom, a chicken in the living room and a baby in the cupboard that they name Carlos (The Hangover reference).


This got me thinking that it may be useful to share my top 3 tips for bridesmaids from a bride-to-be. So here’s a few snippets that I hope will help you pull off one kick ass bachelorette that the bride-to-be will be talking about years from now – for all the right reasons of course.


Make sure you understand the vision. Bachelorette/hen party doesn’t necessarily mean strippers, shots and a 2-day recovery period. While that would be one for the books, your bride might have a quieter affair in mind, like a luncheon or a spa day with her nearest and dearest.

Tip: It’s always nice if the bride is surprised, so instead of asking her what she wants, get her list of absolute no-no’s before you start planning.


You don’t need to do it alone. Chat to the brides family, friends or even her fiancé for ideas. Chances are that she’s been dropping hints and they may just be able to give you great pointers! These peeps may even have ideas or contacts for entertainment that can make the planning process much less complicated.

Once you have a few ideas together, start putting together a project plan of sorts so that the bridal party is clear on who is arranging what, by when – can you tell that I’m a planner? 😀

Bridesmaids 2

How we really look 😀

Don’t forget to have fun. The bride-to-be asked you to be part of her bridal party for many reasons, (I’m sure) one of which is that she trusts your judgment. I’m sure that whatever you decide on to make the bachelorette a special occasion, the bride will appreciate it so don’t take yourself too seriously.
Make the planning process fun. Get together with the ladies who are pulling everything together, pop open a bottle of champagne and let the brainstorming begin. Be sure to have an agenda though so that you stay on track 🙂
Zinz and Cel will be keeping a close eye on the comment box below so feel free to share your tips with them.
Tamara Metrowich
**Follow me on Snapchat (tam1tam1) for snippets of what I get up to with Zinz and Cel**

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