Bokeh Fashion Festival 2016

A HUGE congratulations to the team that pulled together an amazing showcase of our local talent over the weekend! The Mercedes-Benz Bokeh SA International Fashion Film Festival certainly lived up to its Bespoke theme and I’m so happy that I could be there to see it all unfold.

Team 2

This year, I decided to attend the second and final night of the festival. I’m not going to lie though, I had FOMO on the first night… but with the craziness that comes along with planning a wedding I wanted to spend some QT with my main squeeze.

I was blown away by the creativity of the fashion films that were featured in this year’s festival! Congratulations to each and every person who were part of these works of art! But as they say, there can only be one winner. Well done to Edward and Ashley Avis-Winters who came tops in the Mercedes-Benz category which meant a $10 000 cash prize!!


The winning moment


My gorgeous sister joined me at the Avenue in the V&A Waterfront which was the venue for Bokeh. To set the tone for the night, guests were greeted by a number of photographers and videographers as they walked the red carpet – and man, did our local hotties represent SA fashion!



Leigh-Anne Williams wearing the White Runway’s Anika dress


Tracy-Lee Rosslind dressed by Elizabeth Megan


Twala Ngambi dressed by Rufaro Fanadzo


Zinzi Esau wearing Tara Courtene


Shamiel Hagee and Happy Umurerwa wearing Imprint


As fate would have it, I entered a competition that highlighted the amazing creations of SA designers on Tracy-Lee Rosslind’s Instagram page a few weeks ago. I was over the moon when I won a custom made silk dress from Aimmea – and it arrived just in time for Bokeh *happy dance*!


Tamara Metrowich in a silk dress from Aimmea

For a list of category winners, check out Bokeh’s Facebook page.


Tamara Metrowich


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